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Cambridge hosts historic ZX Spectrum jamboree

Cambridge hosts historic ZX Spectrum jamboree

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Technology buffs from across Europe converge on Cambridge this weekend to pay homage at the shrine of one of the UK’s premier home computer inventors – Sir Clive Sinclair.

The ZX Spectrum 30th Anniversary event at Anglia Ruskin University on Saturday and Sunday (September 8 and 9) will include the obligatory performance by MJ Hibbet of ‘Hey Hey 16k’, the Roelof Koning extensive collection of ZX Spectrum clones from around the world, and a talk from veteran games industry developer Steven Goodwin on the issues of digital archeology – plus a panel talk including Rick Dickinson.

There will be gaming and programming competitions with the results shown on a large screen and visitors able to vote for the best game and best demo of the event.

The event also sees the return of the ZX Microfair, originally conceived by Mike Johnston as a way for smaller manufactures to connect directly with enthusiasts.

On Saturday those with Spectrums in need of repair can take them along to the stall run by Ian Gledhill of Mutant Caterpillar Games. Other confirmed exhibitors include Rockrabilia, RWAP Software, Retro GT, the Centre of Computing History, and the Retro Computer Museum.

2012 has been a bumper year for British anniversaries with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the 200th year since the birth of Charles Dickens – and now the 30th anniversary of a home computer from Cambridge that got a whole generation programming and put Britain at the forefront of the video game industry.

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