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Cambridge – More genetic sleuths on cancer’s case

Cambridge – More genetic sleuths on cancer’s case

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

A new transatlantic technology alliance led by Cambridge UK personalised medicines pioneer Horizon Discovery has brought some of the world’s leading genomic scientists into the fight against cancer.

Horizon, whose research tools support the development of personalised medicines,has established a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for gene editing with Washington University in St Louis and the BRIGHT Institute.

One of the leading genome sequencing facilities in the world, Washington University and the BRIGHT Institute will work with Horizon to translate the genomic data they have generated into disease model cell lines, to advance understanding of cancer.

Horizon’s CoE program encompasses academic and not-for-profit research groups or laboratories to which Horizon commits resources to provide training and open access to its proprietary rAAV-mediated human gene-editing platform, GENESIS™.

The new CoE at Washington University and the BRIGHT Institute will use GENESIS to generate isogenic pairs (mutant and wild type) of human cell lines incorporating genes involved in the development of specific diseases, which can then be used as accurate disease models for further research.

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