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Websmart win Heart Internet’s Bronze & Silver Awards – now we’re going for Gold!

Websmart win Heart Internet’s Bronze & Silver Awards – now we’re going for Gold!

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

The Olympic spirit is alive and elegantly kicking its lithe, athletic heels like crazy with a big, proud grin on its face here at Websmart Design, where were all just delighted to learn that we’ve won Heart Internet’s coveted July Silver Award for our Funky Bunny website (check it out at http://www.heartinternet.co.uk/blog/2012/07/website-of-the-month-winner-june-2012/ or visit www.funky-bunny.co.uk

Wow – we only just got over the excitement of learning back in April that we’d picked up this esteemed company’s Bronze award for the high standard of our work for accomplished photographer, Roger Griffiths (take a look at http://www.heartinternet.co.uk/blog/2012/05/april-2012-website-of-the-month-winner/or www.rogergriffithsphotography.co.uk)
Well, make no mistake and stand back while we streak round that track a few more times then energetically charge into a few hours of weight training, now we’re all fired up to go for Heart’s gleaming Gold gong in their prestigious monthly contest.

Seriously, it’s an honour to have our professional efforts recognised by such a revered organisation.  Heart is, in our humble opinion – which is, by the way, confirmed by countless consumer surveys and their own exponential rate of growth – just about the fastest expanding, most exciting domain name registrar and reseller web host in the UK, having achieved a well-deserved position in the top five companies of its type in terms of size, popularity and service.

Heart is a company which was started by the guys who founded the legendary Webfusion and sister company 123-reg, where to say they broke new ground is an understatement.  Now, they’re busy applying all that experience in creating web-success to making their digital Heart beat faster, louder and stronger than any of its competitors. And many of the principles which lie at the core of their success are also a very real part of our own approach.

Websmart Design does indeed have a great deal in common with Heart.  We too do our utmost to ensure that our clients’ are able to establish a powerful web presence that represents them to the best possible effect.  Our finger is also constantly on the fast-beating pulse of this increasingly connected world, continuously monitoring its shifts and changes, passing on the opportunities that emerge from this fast-flowing stream of developments to our clients.

So, thank you Heart, for your kind accolade.  We’re already looking at the dozens of new websites we’re currently creating in our studios this month with an eye on which should be our next entry for a Heart award.  Like all our athletes in this important Olympic year, we’ve got our Heart set on winning Gold!

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