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We’re ready for another springtime pest explosion at NBC Bird & Pest Control Darlington

We’re ready for another springtime pest explosion at NBC Bird & Pest Control Darlington

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

Last year, as you most probably recall and perhaps would rather forget, the weather threw a few prolonged and soggy problems at us.  After a promisingly warm March, things seemed to hurtle – or is it ‘flow’ – rapidly downhill and in many areas of the UK, it just seemed to rain continually for months.

“At NBC Bird & Pest Control Darlington, we found ourselves in the centre of what could be termed a perfect storm as the climate’s persistently warm wetness became an ideal breeding ground for a whole host of pests,” says NBC Managing Director John Dickson.

“Mosquitoes were multiplying at an abnormal rate,” John continues, “as were all sorts of other creepy crawlies that proceeded to munch, nibble, bite and sting their way through homes, offices and crops.  In fact, the NHS reported that it had dealt with the greatest number of bites and stings for three years.  The flea population, which had been steadily growing for the past five years, had gone into overdrive, climbing to a record level and causing all the usual flea-associated complications.”

“A mistake that many members of the public made was to attribute the abnormally hefty number of fleas hopping all over Norwich almost entirely to the so called cat flea,”  John comments, “But contrary to popular belief, this troublesome creature can and does also set up a cosy home on dogs, ferrets and yes, human beings.  There was even some talk of the emergence of a ‘superflea’ gleefully evolving in the muggy conditions e were suffering.”

So, what if those adverse meteorological conditions start to repeat themselves as we coast towards spring and summer this year?  Well, NBC Bird & Pest Control will be ready as ever to help businesses and homes in the Darlingtonarea with this as well as any other pest control challenges they might face.

“We’ve been successfully controlling pests of all species for over 20 years now,” says John, “constantly developing our techniques and always working closely with the scientific community. But it’s not only factors such as the unusual conditions of last year that cause the pest population to fluctuate in size. Climate change certainly plays a part, as does ever increasing urbanisation and industrialisation.  Pests rise and fall in number all the time and evolve constantly, but the combination of our decades of experience together with our use of the very latest technology means we’re more than equipped to hold them at bay.”

NBC Bird & Pest Solutions Darlington is part of a national network, with branches all over the UK, covering most major cities and towns, as well as smaller communities. “Like all of our local offices, NBC Bird & Pest Solutions Darlington is staffed by experts who live and work in the area and so know its particular pest control needs intimately because this is their home,” adds John.

For more information on the comprehensive commercial and residential range of bird, pest and wildlife control services offered by NBC Bird & Pest Control Darlington not just in spring and summer, but all year round, please visit http://www.nbcbirdandpest.co.uk or call 0800 169 9646.