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Sports Massage Glasgow | Restore Balance

Sports Massage Glasgow | Restore Balance

Expert Massage Glasgow. We offer sport massage, deep tissue massage and remedial massage in Glasgow west end. Fully accredited expert therapists.

Restoring Balance – Expert Massage Glasgow

We believe in helping people be the best they can be; creating an environment where people become more aware of their own body and mind and the interaction between the two.

Through massage we are often able to identify problem areas before they impact on health. We can also encourage the body to heal itself and therefore Restore Balance.

Our main therapist, Deborah, trained with the prestigious Western School in Glasgow – first gaining a Diploma in Swedish Massage. Then she obtained a Diploma in Remedial & Sports Massage which incorporates remedial training to deal with specific injuries and conditions.

Deborah’s academic background is in sports, having graduated from Jordanhill with an honours in Sport in the Community in 1999, and she is passionate about Sports Massage, working with athletes to fulfill their potential. At Restore Balance, we adopt a unique, personalised & holistic approach to each client’s needs.